Tips and Tricks wearing Black Ankle Boots

Black Ankle Boots Chunky

Wearing black ankle boots is not as easy as we thought before. These boots require some techniques and experiments before you are trying to wear them in special occasion. The result will make us satisfy because ankle boots are the trendy booster for women. Their legs will look longer and sexier than before. Moreover, their ankles also look wider and of course the users will have additional length if they have height problem recently. However, not all women know tips and tricks when they are wearing ankle boots especially in black color. Let us see how well you are wearing them on your feet below.

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Black Lace Up Ankle Boots

Black Flat Ankle Boots

Tucked Style

We named the first one of tips and tricks in wearing black ankle boots as tucked style. For your information, this style requires you to tuck in your leggings or pants into your ankle boots. We believe that the result of this style will increase the body shape or silhouette until your boots. Furthermore, it also creates longer illumination when you wear black ankle boot obviously.  Please do not use jeans when you consider wearing those boots because they are not fitted well especially on your ankle. Otherwise, some pants like leggings are the best-pair for your ankle boots for sure.

Black Ankle Boots

Black Ankle Boots With Jeans

Black Ankle Boots

Cuffed Style

The second style of tips and tricks wearing black ankle boots is cuffed style. What is cuffed style meaning? Of course you will easily notice that when you force yourself to wear jeans with your ankle boots. As we stated earlier, jeans are not recommend with ankle boots because it will ruin your body line and feel. The alternative way is choosing the booty jeans. By using this kind of jeans, you can expose your ankle because it must be as slim as possible. However, you can trick it up by using cuffed hem. That is why we called it as cuffed style.

Black Ankle Boots Outfit

Black Ankle Boots Outfit

Black Ankle Boots Outfit

Black Ankle Boots Low Heel

Layered style

Last but not least, we force to find your socks and leggings as many as possible. Those socks are the most important thing for our last style. Yes, we will make layered sock for your ankle boots obviously. When you decided to use layered style, you must make sure yourself to choose neutral color of socks. It is caused by the black color of your ankle boots. We need something which neutralizes the darkness on your feet by the way. Blue jeans color is the good example of neutral color here because it can make your black ankle boots more sophisticated and amazing down there.

Black Ankle Boots Leather

Black Ankle Boots


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